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Building on more than 10 years of experience, Regnos was established as a customer oriented company. We place your satisfaction at the first place, no matter whether your needs are web, desktop or mobile applications.

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Case Studies

Housekeeping Scheduling Project


Implementation of a scheduling module for hotel cleaning management and integration of this module into the customer’s web system. The goal was an optimization of resource allocation with regard to variable demands of each hotel.

The task was to create a web tool for automatic (half-automatic) scheduling of hotel cleaning services. Based on the data received from various hotel systems, it was necessary to generate blocks for cleaning and schedule the activity for each employee. One of the required functionality was a possibility of manual rescheduling by means of drag and drop.

The main challenge was to tailor the scheduling system to specific needs of hundreds of hotels. These demands, as well as the types of hotels, were very different. Concerning the types of hotels, one could find nearly all kinds from the usual hotel to the “apartment" types. As for the apartments, it was necessary to plan/schedule based on the distance of each apartment with regard to the current traffic situation. On top of that, it was very important not to expose the customers to a complex configuration.

The application consists of a client part (developed in Angular 5) and server part (ASP.NET Core). It retrieves already processed and unified data and it creates blocks of activities (precisely hotel cleaning) out of them. Afterwards, these blocks are planned and scheduled by means of the library Google Optimization Tools. Information concerning distance and traffic situation is gained from Google Maps Platform. Automatic planning and scheduling is done by small parametrized blocks out of which complex systems are created according to individual demands of each hotel.

The solution saves managers’ time and it enables clear view of a plan and resource allocation. It provides easy to use graphical tool that plans and schedules automatically. Moreover, it uses information concerning up to date traffic situation.

Data Processing Project

Data Processing

The aim of the project was to find a solution of how to connect different hotel systems (PMS) to our customer’s special cloud services for hospitality industry and to process all necessary data.

The task was to design scalable and secure services for the purpose of receiving data from various hotel systems, consequently processing it and sending it to our customer’s cloud system. Moreover, a subtask was to get data from our customer’s system and send it to PMS.

The main challenge of this task was data unification as each hotel system varied in terms of their interfaces and configuration and the data from PMS was received in a different way (pulling, notifications, e-mails). Moreover, the technologies contained many data formats (csv, xml, json, binary) or communication protocols (TCP, HTTP, REST, SOAP, Email). Besides that, the technology for logging, remote configuration and automatic updates was also developed on our side.

Apart from the main core of the product – the data processing part, we have created many support tools with GUI such as point to point monitoring system, remote configuration and update system and logging. Technology used: .Net, WCF, ASP .NET, Windows Services, Google API, MS SQL, Angular 5, SEQ, Topshelf, ScrapySharp, Serilog, Entity Framework.

Project played key role in customers‘ products and we gladly helped to drive their business. As a result, we have created secure and reliable solution and connected hundreds of hotels to the system.

Multi-Skill Scheduling Project


Optimizing work schedules of developers, whose skills significantly varied. The output was an analysis and report containing critical paths of schedules including a list of possible critical projects.

The main subject of this project was implementation of a planning and scheduling tool used by RnD development staff for management reporting purposes. The system could work with different types of skills (according to job classification). The tool was made to work with explicit conditions for specific employees.

The big challenge was a contracting authority’s condition that the estimated stages of the project were entered with so-called uncertainty (a probability interval, namely a minimal and maximal activity duration estimate).

The task was modeled by means of temporal networks and subsequently transformed into mixed integer programming. IBM ILOG CPLEX library was used for specialized optimization algorithms. The application development itself was done by C# .Net technology.

The management of RnD has newly gained an overview of the currently scheduled projects including indication of critical relations of the projects. The tool is used to immediately show an overview of developmental projects and to mitigate risks when scheduling resources. The Artificial Intelligence algorithm also provides an optimal resource allocation.

Automatization of Development Process


The idea was to significantly reduce paperwork of development processes by means of automatization. Besides that, to mitigate risk such as human error and increase programmers’ engagement via reducing bureaucracy.

The customer’s demand was to introduce agile methodology and continuous integration via build and deploy support for .NET technologies and 3rd party CI server. We created the way of making the whole developmental process automatic from running sets of tests to releasing SW and deployment in the installation package.

The major challenge was the unification process of wide variety of software projects (hundreds of .Net, C/C++ and Python). This unification process included categorization of all projects, creating templates for categories and configuration for each project.

The software was developed using the following technologies: C# .Net, Artifactory, JIRA, Bamboo, Angular 4.

As a result, the pilot project proved that developmental projects overhead was reduced by 62%. The system allowed programmers to focus on development. After the pilot phase, the system was applied in all other projects.

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